Fabric & Promotional

From fabric to promotional products, FUJIFILM Graphic Systems has the best digital printers in their class to deliver great results.

ValueJet 1948WX

The robust & industrial ValueJet 1948WX ( 1,910 mm – 75.19”) dye-sublimation printer will be a top choice for production orientated customers and businesses looking for a high-quality volume printer for intensive use.

Aqueous Dye Sublimation Transfer Ink 2 x CMYK or 8 Colour configuration

Designed for sports apparel and soft signage, the printed transfer paper can be pressed to a range of sublimation-suitable fabrics.

With a top speed of 194m²/h, the VJ-1948WX boasts production print speeds of up to 125m²/h and 720x720dpi photographic quality prints for close viewing at 67 m²/h.

Using Mutoh genuine sublimation inks, the VJ-1948WX can be set up in a dual-CMYK configuration for speed; or 8-colour configuration, including 3 shades of black for smooth, neutral tones when needed.

Prints direct to fabrics without the need to use a paper transfer method. Mutoh pigment inks give you printing opportunities that are not normally available via sublimation printing, such as cotton and other natural fibres.

The ValueJet 1948WX handles transfer paper rolls up to 100Kg with the optional motorised unwind/wind-up system.

Designed with advanced features that increase productivity and quality, the VJ-1948WX includes Mutoh's Dropmaster Technology that reduces the need to continually do bidirectional alignments, as is the norm on other less capable machines; and Intelligent Interweave (I2) print technique that virtually eliminates banding

Comprehensive 1-year warranty

ValueJet 1948WX ValueJet 1948WX ValueJet 1948WX ValueJet 1948WX ValueJet 1948WX ValueJet 1948WX