Fabric & Promotional

From fabric to promotional products, FUJIFILM Graphic Systems has the best digital printers in their class to deliver great results.

SureColour F9460

The F9360 combines the latest Epson Precision Dot Technology, with advanced media management, and UltraChrome DS HDk ink, to enable exceptionally high-speed production with outstanding print quality. 

Superior Quality – Dual Epson heat-free PrecisionCore™ (TFP) Print Heads driven by Epson Precision Dot Technology for superior imaging at up to 720 x 1,440 DPI accurate colour, and super-fine gradation. UltraChrome™ DS HDk ink for an expanded gamut and Dmax. Optional 6C High colour configuration provides additional fluorescent support

Excellent Flexibility – compatible with roll media up to 64" ( 1,626 mm ) wide and as thin as 0.04mm. Variable print modes to suit different image quality, speed, and substrate media. Sublimated fabric is suitable for use by all age groups

Outstanding Productivity – supports production speeds of up to 60 m/ hr, has a large 12/15 L Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), advanced intelligent media management with support for rolls up to 45 kg and high-precision auto take-up for high-quality roll-to-roll production. 4C Max Speed 108.6 m/ hr 1 Pass ( 360 x 720 DPI all models) 

Max Resolution 720 x 1,440 DPI 

Reduced Cost – quick and easy to install, runs off the standard power supply and comes complete with software. Operates with reduced power consumption and cost-effective 1 / 1.1 L ink refills.

High Productivity – produce an A3 print for rigid sublimation or A1 for fabric in around a minute, ink tank system can be refilled while printing is underway; incorporates an auto-cutter

High Reliability – proven platform enables smooth and stable production at high speed, integrated crash guard and dust collectors ensure worry-free operation, comprehensive heads-and all warranty can be augmented with up to five years on-site CoverPlus protection

SureColour F9460 SureColour F9460