Signage & Decor

Our signage and Decor printers enable cost-effective production of durable images with superior print quality. They produce output with outstanding brightness and gloss levels.

Vybrant UF10

The Vybrant UF10 is a true flatbed printer offering high-quality printing on a range of rigid and flexible media, supported by four dedicated vacuum zones. 


Fujifilm’s leading Uvjet UV ink, combined with variable drop sizes from 7 to 21 picolitres, delivers excellent results, with the ink able to adhere to a range of media whilst having superb solvent resistance. The Vybrant UF10 is available as a 6 channel printer with CMYK and 2 White channels as standard.

Production Mode 16 m² per hour. With high-speed performance that is suitable for print volumes typically up to 7,500 m² per year, this printer is ideal for businesses looking to grow their flatbed capability at a cost-effective price point.

The Vybrant UF10  has a print resolution of up to 726 x 1,200 dpi (8 pass). It also incorporates several features to maximise productivity and quality, including an anti-crash sensor to avoid damage to the printheads and an anti-static bar that eliminates static on the media surface during printing.

Handles flexible and rigid media up to 51mm thick with a maximum print width of 2.54 m x 1.25 m.

Four dedicated vacuum zones to minimize masking and long-lasting, low energy LED curing system

Anti-crash sensor and Anti-static bar that eliminates static on the media surface

Comprehensive factory warranty with flexible cover up to 5 Years


Vybrant UF10 Vybrant UF10 Vybrant UF10 Vybrant UF10 Vybrant UF10